Rica Walker, MA, LMHC has been a licensed mental health therapist for more than a decade. She is the owner and creator of Silver Lining Counseling. Rica has dedicated her life to helping families and individuals find answers to their mental health questions by combining traditional psychotherapy with a practical, problem-solving approach that creates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution. 

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Silver lining counseling... 

was born out of a dream of mine to help provide options for individuals and families in need. I have spent most of my career in non-profit bereavement and the mental health industry providing services to folks in a highly structured environment that was legislated by lack of funds and bureaucracy. I saw people leave after the mandated time period still needed help to heal their minds and their hearts. I wanted to do more...provide more...help more. This is the reason I created Silver Lining Counseling. Here, folks that seek our services can be seen in a private, safe and comfortable setting either individually or in a group and receive the help they need to overcome whatever issue or challenges they are facing in their journey to overall health and happiness. 

                                                                     -- Rica