Dealing With Sudden and Traumatic Loss

traumatic |adjective| - emotionally disturbing or distressing. relating to or causing psychological trauma. relating to or denoting physical injury.

Sudden and traumatic loss is one of the most difficult types of grief to work through. It is very important that the survivor surrounds themselves with positive emotion and physical support as they work through their grief. 

Tips To Help You - 

  • Try to eat healthy - foods loaded with sugar or salt can cause mood swings during an already emotionally charged time. 
  • Try to get plenty of rest - rest when you can even if it is only for short periods of time. Resting will help keep fatigue from adding to the emotionally trying time.
  • Seek professional help if needed - friends and family can be an important support team and sounding board to help talk through the emotions you are feeling. A licensed grief counselor can also provide coping strategies and help you work through the grieving process.

It is normal to feel some guilt (or what some refer to as survivor's guilt) that your are still here and your loved one was taken. These emotions are normal but should not become all-consuming or overwhelming. As our nation is coping with the horrific events of last weekend's brutal attack in Orlando, FL, it is important to remember our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families as we grieve for their loss and offer our prayers and support.