We help heal hearts and minds through sound, evidence based cognitive behavior counseling techniques.


Mental health is one of the greatest assets an individual can have. It not only helps you focus at work, overcome obstacles, and get along with the people around you --- it can help you get well and stay well. At Silver Lining Counseling, we focus on prevention, early identification and intervention with integrated care. We work to ensure there is a personalized pathway for all patients and continued support and understanding in managing any condition. 



Mental health conditions affect one in five adults in the U.S  every year, and at Silver Lining Counseling we emphasis early intervention and treatment by creating individualized treatment plans providing the tools needed to help achieve healthy minds and happy hearts. We foster an environment free from stigma and discrimination while providing comprehensive care. 

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Our team of highly-skilled professionals is ready to provide you with flexible, consumer-oriented therapy options. Whether you prefer private counseling services or therapy in a group setting, Silver Lining counseling can help. Ready to take the next step? You can take control of your happiness and overall well-being by contacting us today.

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